Nemo: New Jam 30 Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bag market is very competitive with offerings from almost every major outdoor manufacturer, along with a slew of small cottage companies as well. Nemo falls into the latter category and is known for its well-thought-out designs. Nemo’s latest sleeping bag — the Jam series for women and the Riff series for men — upholds this tradition by combining not one but two cutting edge designs into a single bag. These are the brand’s first sleeping bags to include Nemo’s patented Thermo Gills vents, which help reduce heat, and the company’s unique spoon-shaped cut, which provides extra elbow and knee room.

These features certainly sound great on paper, but how do they pan out in the backcountry? To give the Jam 30 a proper run for its money, we packed the thing along on a recent backpacking and hammock camping trip to find out.

Thermo Gills work better in theory

The Jam 30 incorporates Nemo’s innovative Thermo Gills technology which includes two small slits in the front of the bag. These slits are covered with fabric which allows warm air inside the bag to escape while preventing cold air from seeping in via a draft. The concept is elegantly simple — when it gets too hot, users simply open one of the slits to vent heat.